Drug Abuse

Spend on drug treatment, save on crime reduction

People who continuously misuse drugs for different reasons are known as addicts. They use drugs for fighting depression, for euphoric effects, or even to escape from reality. You should note that it is not possible to treat drug addiction without incorporating medical treatment and professional support. Fortunately, it is possible to find some drug treatment centers that are meant to help patients get rid of addiction. You will find these centers to be quite effective.

Investing in drug treatment and recovery has a great role in reducing crime levels. In this post, you will learn why the government and the society should put resources in helping people suffering from substance abuse disorders to recover.

Substance abuse

Disorders as a result of drug abuse can affect friends and families of persons battling addictions. Moreover, the society also pays a lot through increased crime levels. Drug and alcohol centers can reduce these costs considerably.

Drug treatment and crime reduction

For several decades, substance abuse and crime have been found to be related. In fact, over 50% of property offenders and violent offenders committed crimes when intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. Experts at CDCP (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) said that opioid abuse, overdoses, and dependence cost the public at least $20 billion a year. A third of this amount is attributed to criminal activities. Another $55 billion a year is attributed to health care expenses and productivity losses in private sector.

Why drug treatment is necessary

Other than crime reduction alone, drug treatment is a good deal. As much as typical burglaries can result in tangible losses, studies show that people are ready to pay to avoid such loss and robbery with violence. This is because of crime results in large psychological toll. In fact, its climate or threat is costlier than crimes committed.

Cost-effective treatment options

tg3edf6e7tg2wedf6yt27u2Counseling is regarded as a cost-effective treatment option for substance abuse disorders. It should be accompanied with craving-relieving prescription drugs such as buprenorphine or methadone. Other medications can also accompany it. This will save the society a lot of money according to a recent economic analysis. For example, New England states are likely to save over 1.3 billion through expansion of treatment of drug abuse persons by just 25 percent. Any dollar that is spent on treatment, it saves up to 3 dollars in crime reduction. Earlier studies proved that interventions to address the substance abuse disorders are likely to save a lot in reduced crime than what is saved through health care spending.